House Bossi A home in Cape Town
What’s it all about?

This blog will follow the process of planning and building my house in Higgovale, Cape Town, South Africa.

I will try to list all the suppliers, good and bad as my building journey progresses.

Pictures, doctors bills etc will also be posted.

Think of it as a very slow and drawn-out episode of Grand Designs without the initial snarky comments of Kevin McCloud.

And with many ad breaks (advertising pays for the building)



December 5th, 2008

Great idea, nice site.
Need a job?
Sorry about your arm


June 6th, 2010

Well done my boot! Looking awesome! Hope you had a fab holiday. Don’t forget I’m gonna be inviting you over for a lunch with the famiglia. Xxx

Monique Wells

August 10th, 2011

Awesome Bruno.Know what you mean about Kevin McCloud.Ps,just watched your ads on egg and truely amaising,amaising work.Dairy chicken-lmao.x

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