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As the end of year approaches the world starts its gradual wind down after a long and hard 12 months. I have been busy shooting out of Cape Town and haven’t been able to monitor the progress at my house, but needless to say there is definitely a sense that the urgency has left the building. Ceilings are being installed and there is still progress albeit slower.

My garage has now taken shape and hopefully before next week it will have a floor and a roof, but I’m not holding my breath.

I am still in a constant battle regarding the timber in my house – a word of advice to anyone deciding to install timber frames: ensure that they are well protected despite what your builder might say – the acidic content of cement damages and stains your beautiful and expensive Iroko. So make sure that you cover it all up before the plasterers begin their artistic endeavors on your walls.

The last and probably most tricky portion of the house is being built – the front window and fireplace has been shuttered and poured. It’s a complex combination of concrete bench, steel supports and a timber post. The result will hopefully be another interesting addition to the house.

With all the time I have spent away from  my house and with the multitude of decisions that lie ahead I have decided to get the help of an interior design team. More to follow.

Categories: General

The last few weeks have been great. Well that’s a lie. They’ve been ok. I have now entered the phase that should really be contractually accompanied with at least four therapy sessions.

For someone who has a problem deciding on exactly what colour toothpaste to buy, the idea of choosing an entire house of objects and colours leaves me overwhelmed – and completely excited!

The plastering has started – walls are now being smoothed over leaving large areas of colour decisions. My door and window frames started suffering from all the plaster work and I have now insisted on all of the wood being covered – tape and plastic now protect the Iroko frames as the plastering continues.

I have also changed my mind about 1 or 2 things including the addition of TV and extra power points in the two bedrooms. We have also knocked down the concrete bench and are  re-building it at a lower height – it was built too high.

This week sees the first test installation of the glazing around the clear layer of the house – Craig from Glassmen in Cape Town has been the go-to guy on all the glazing and has been great. This also means that I have to make my final colour decision on the steel posts and I-Beam.

I have finally signed for and bought the small strip of land that lies next to my erf – this means I gain about 30m2 of garden area. It also means a slight re-design of my entrance area and gate –  another council submission and more planning.

The question most commonly being asked is when will I move in – the answer is unclear – hopefully by the beginning of next year.