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The foundations are moving along swiftly. The east boundary now consists of a very deep and very solid foundation.

The finished floor level is another decision that is critical at this stage. Once decided there’s no going back. I need to take various factors into account including height above the road for drainage and height of the garden area. The site is relatively flat although the west side does slope up slightly – it is possible to excavate some of the garden area to create a more uniform level – alternatively I could build the house slightly higher to compensate for the slope.

It’s a matter of centimeters.

We now also have a new corrugated iron site office.

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After a few emergency engineering drawings and some scratching of heads, the foundations are being poured.

The fact that my property is approx 1.5m higher than my neighbour’s means that I have to get my foundations down to a level below their’s. This means my foundations are now about 1.9m deep.

The soil test results varied  – in some places it was good while in others additional support in the foundations was needed. The engineer made the following observations in relation to the complexity of the foundations.

a) The proximity of the neighbours lower level structures to the new structures

b) The fact that the neighbours retaining wall is not common, thus all new structures must be independent.

c) The existence of an old swimming pool which intersects the new foundations and thus introduces foundation and ground slab bridging complexities.

d) Subsoil and surface drainage issues.

It has all been taken into account and I will now have rock solid foundations and a slightly emptier wallet.

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The engineer has been to site to check it all out. We now wait for a DCP test as the soil wasn’t looking great for us to build the foundations on – this means two things: more time and more money.

But I have been assured that this is one of the few variables in the construction process that we cannot plan for entirely.

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The day has arrived and the men are at work. Finally the digging begins. Maybe we’ll find hidden treasure underground – I am hoping we find nothing but solid ground.

It feels like this moment has taken about 2 years too long but the wait is/was worth it. Structure done in 6-8 months if all goes well. Then the finishing.

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Step 1 is almost complete. The site is now pretty much ready for the building work to begin.

We couldn’t save the Strelitzia tree as it was much too big to move (bigger than originally thought) and there doesn’t seem to be a huge demand for the poor things.

I employed the services of Bruce Beyer and his Co-Creators at Beyer Honig landscapes. Great people doing good things. He also started the Peace Garden in Woodstock.

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I thought I should put up some photos of the site before we start hacking at it. New “official” start date is now March 17th 2010.

If all things go according to plan I should soon be posting pics of my foundations.

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