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The last month has seen the old boundary wall come down and a new one pop up. I now need to decide what fence to put up – timber fencing is leading the choice war.

I have also moved apartments (against my will) and am now looking forward to finally leave the confines of a small space into my new house.

SiteID has been working away at some of my interiors and the initial ideas look promising. The doors are about to get hung – the glazing should be in by the end of the week – it’s been a long wait: apparently acoustic glass isn’t the easiest to get hold of.

Next on the very long list, is the garden, which is going to involve yet a whole new set of thoughts and drawings. Existing trees (alien or not;) might need to be moved or removed and a design to include a pool (coming sometime in the future) will need to be drawn up.

I also need to decide what colour to paint the main first floor of the building.

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The last few weeks have been hot and busy. All’s well on site and steadily the house is nearing its final stages, but these stages are the most critical and will take time.

I now have to find a new place to stay as I have to leave my current apartment – not ideal considering I am so close to completion of my house.

The existing boundary wall has been torn down and I now can see the extent of my new garden – and it’s bigger than I thought! The new wall needs to be erected and in the interim my house is feeling somewhat exposed.

The final wooden frames have been put in place and next the glazing will arrive. Painters have been furiously busy and it’s all going on.

I have also appointed Site-Id, the interior design division of Greg-Wright Architects, to help me with my interiors. Too much to think about on my own and quite excited to see what they pull out the bag!

My garage has a roof – just waiting for quotes for the door and I’ll have a secure garage shortly.

You can see a little video of the wall coming down here: And the wall came down…

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The slab is set and the walls are going up quickly. The wet conditions right after laying the slab were perfect for curing the concrete. Now that the sun is out the work on site is happening quickly and smoothly.

As the windows are placed in position they frame the views – it’s a great process to see what and where the windows will be framing – so much so that I have moved one of the windows over slightly to adjust the view from my bed.

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It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Bedroom 2 has started taking shape and the walls have gone up.

The last few weeks have been spent prepping the final slab for the main bedroom. The slab also forms the ceiling of the lounge & dining area.

The usual steel and conduiting was laid. There have been many decisions regarding lighting and electrical points as most of these have to be cast into the slab. There were some oversights in the last slab that will have to be corrected – additional lights will need to be core drilled into the slab.

Plumbing has also been a discussion and wether to lay water pipes into the slab or not was a debate between plumber and engineer, engineer triumphing.

The steel I-beams have been installed and the slab rests on a series of steel posts that rise from both the I-beams and the walls. The only  problem that we foresee is the positioning of the glass on the I-beams. There is very little tolerance where the glass passes the posts, exasperated by the welding joints that make it difficult to place any brackets around that area.

Hopefully the glazing guys will be able to figure that one out.

The slab was poured today – another sunny winters day – and it all went really well. This slab was probably the most tricky part in the design and construction process of my home.

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It’s been a  few weeks since the last post. I was away on holiday for 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised to see that the ground floor walls are all pretty much done. The formwork for the first slab is busy being erected and soon we will be going up to the next level. The pace has been amazing and I can now really start getting a sense of the space. It’s getting more exciting, and more expensive, as we move along.

There have been very few hiccups – the only and more recent one is a door that needs to be moved as it does not allow enough space for a kitchen counter.

Other than that – window and door frames are in, the weather is playing along and it’s full steam ahead!

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The last of the conduits were put in position, the weather played along and the concrete was mixed.

It was a break in the grey weather and a few good friends that made Saturday quite a big moment in the House Bossi series.

Almost out of character, but probably in keeping with my hippie tendencies of many years ago, I decided that I needed to mark the moment of my home’s birth with some sort of ceremony. I wanted to add some  “good energy” to my home  – so using the old cliche of “Home is where the Heart is” I thought that burying a heart in the ground floor slab would be just the thing.

It was meant to be a moment between me and the concrete, but friends at lunch decided they wanted to join the ceremony and “bless” the stone. An impromptu ceremony followed amidst the chaos of concrete, steel and many hard working men – the home is now blessed with great sex, great fortune, great love and few other great things.

The heart lies somewhere between the kitchen and the dining room.

No sooner than the slab set, the walls have started coming up. They are sprouting quicker than I thought and it’s very satisfying watching them grow, adding personality and character to the space.  I feel like an expectant father. Or not.

I am off for 2 weeks on holiday and am looking forward to seeing the progress when I get back.

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The foundations are pretty much done – the steel has been ordered and the slab will be laid next week.

It’s great to be able to start feeling the outlines of the structure  – from plan to reality is quite an amazing feeling. Size and area seem to be on a constant acid trip, warping every time I visit the site – some days the lounge feels huge, some days it feels too small. Once the walls are up the acid might wear off a little.

My FFL (finished floor level) issue was resolved and I will now stand slightly higher above planet earth than originally planned – about 10-15cm higher. This resolves possible water and garden height issues that could pose aesthetic problems later. So all good.

An aside: The not so good news is that Jeremy my uber-builder was involved in a mountaineering accident damaging his leg and worse yet lost a friend to the mountain. Condolences to him – not an easy thing to get through.

He has managed to hobble onto site since his fall. Better news is that his recovery, while not quick, will be full.